Unveiling Quishing: The Dark Side of QR Codes in Cyber attacks


  • Avtandili Bichnigauri Georgian Technical University
  • Ioseb Kartvelishvili Georgian Technical University
  • Luka Shonia Georgian Technical University
  • Daviti Bichnigauri
  • Otar Gudadze Georgian Technical University



საკვანძო სიტყვები:

QR phishing, Quishing, cyber threats, digital security, deceptive maneuvers, proactive measures, cyber assaults, QR codes, cyber tactics, heightened vigilance, robust security


In the ever-expanding realm of technological integration, the emergence of QR phishing, aptly termed "quishing," has become a potent threat to digital security. This article navigates the complexities of quishing, unveiling the clandestine techniques wielded by cyber perpetrators through QR codes. It scrutinizes the evolution of these deceptive maneuvers, explores the nuanced strategies employed, and advocates essential proactive measures crucial for fortifying defenses against this insidious facet of cyber assaults.

Drawing upon the ubiquitous presence of QR codes in our daily interactions, this article illuminates the shadowy underbelly of quishing, revealing the potential risks lurking behind these innocuous-looking symbols. By delving into the core mechanisms of quishing, this exploration aims to equip individuals and organizations with insights necessary to navigate the perilous terrain of cyber threats engendered by QR codes.

Continuously evolving cyber tactics demand a proactive stance. Hence, this exposition seeks to empower readers with an in-depth understanding of quishing, emphasizing the critical need for heightened vigilance, robust security measures, and comprehensive awareness to thwart the ever-looming specter of QR-based phishing exploits.