Europe’s Grand Strategy (The Common Security and Defence Policy)


  • Mamia Balakhadze LEPL – David Aghmashenebeli National Defence Academy of Georgia


საკვანძო სიტყვები:

security, Europe's grand strategy, NATO, European Union, politics


The paper explores the security challenges, national interests, and defense policy development of modern European countries, namely Great Britain, France, and Germany. Great Britain recently exited the European Union on February 1, 2020. Over the years, Britain has played an active role in the EU's security and defense policy. Therefore, we cannot overlook the significance of Great Britain, and while discussing it, we will first focus on the period before Brexit (until 2020) and then review the period after Brexit.

The aforementioned states are major players in shaping Europe's security architecture today. Working together and developing a common strategy is crucial for the security of the continent. The European security policy that was established after World War II is based on the theory of interdependence. I conducted the research using discourse analysis to examine the internal national security strategies of these states, as well as their relationships with one another and with international organizations such as NATO and the European Union.