Healthy body is a guarantee of a healthy mind


  • Kaltamze Melkadze LEPL-Cadets Military Lyceum
  • Nino Okreshidze LEPL-Cadets Military Lyceum


საკვანძო სიტყვები:

healthy lifestyle, sustainability, physical activities, social environment, eating habits


School, family, and social environment play equally important role in establishing healthy lifestyle among young children. All the important skills should be developed from an early age. In order to achieve the third goal of sustainability “providing healthy lifestyle and well-being”, it is essential to have encouragement from the government as well as from society; total continuity of education; integration of modern scientific achievements in order to develop ecologically stable social patterns; coordination of teaching and upbringing; positive relationships between teachers and pupils.

A healthy lifestyle is a guarantee of increasing life expectancy and avoiding various diseases. Physical activities make positive influence on receptor and intellectual processes. Those students who are involved in physical activities at school, are characterized by high level of physical development. Their central neurological system functions adequately. Their bodies have high abilities of adaptation. A diet should also be taken into consideration. It should include more vitamins and minerals and less fat and sugar. In most cases young people aren’t aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. A lot depends on school and family environment, parents and teachers. They should encourage young people to keep a daily routine, eat rationally, do sport relevant to their age to be healthy and capable of working.