Regulation of oxygen balance in the process of synthesis of explosives


  • Merab Nadirashvili
  • Grigol Tsulukidze Mining Institute


საკვანძო სიტყვები:

explosives, oxidation, oxygen balance, ,,fuel’’ elements, endogenous, oxygen, CT compounds, nitrates


The role of explosives in the modern world is immeasurable, both in wartime and in peacetime. Accordingly, the optimization of their main blasting characteristics is of great importance, such as, detonation speed, workability, brisance, etc. They include the quantitative ratio of the chemical elements that make up these substances and its influence on the energy and ecology of the explosion, which It is defined by ,,oxygen balance’’.

Generally, the elemental composition and ,,architecture’’ of the molecules of substances, i.e. chemical structure, are the main determining factors of their physico-chemical characteristics. The same reasoning applies to explosives: basically, these two factors are the determinants of the energy of the explosion.

The article is about the possibilities of approaching zero oxygen balance in the process of synthesis of explosives. Examples of well-known poly nitro aromatic compounds and transformation products synthesized by us from them – CT compounds are discussed, as well as formulas of compounds with zero oxygen balance unknown in the literature and the procedure for their composition. It can be said with convinction that the specificity of organic synthesis and a wide scope of operation allow purposeful creation of explosive substances with zero oxygen balance. The article proposes the possibility of creating two such real methodologies.