An Advantage Of Teaching Military Collocations In Military Classes


  • Megi Sabanashvili International Black Sea University


საკვანძო სიტყვები:

ESP, Military collocations, Collocation awareness, Communicative competence


Since the early 1960s English for specific purposes (ESP) has rapidly developed and has taken a major part in English language instruction and research. It refers to the teaching and learning of English where the learners’ aim is to use English in a specific domain. The purpose of ESP in a military context is to help students become communicatively competent in a military environment. The present study demonstrates an empirical research of explicit corpus-aided military collocation instruction and raises their importance in English language acquisition for military specialty students.

A 20 - week intensive instruction of collocations was given to the military students learning English at the language training school in the Training and Military Education Command in Georgia. The pre-, mid-, and posttests on collocation competency as well as the questionnaire were administered to the participants during the experiment. The data were collected and analyzed with qualitative and quantitative research methods. The results from the tests and questionnaire collaboratively prove that the corpus-based collocation instruction is more effective for pre- intermediate / intermediate level military students. The findings have pedagogical implications for EFL teachers and students. The study recommends the teachers play a more active role in raising their students’ military collocation awareness through appropriate guidance.