Regional Security Trends In The South Caucasus: Azerbaijan-georgia-turkey Trilateral Strategic Cooperation


  • Besik Jajanidze Caucasus University School of Public Administration


საკვანძო სიტყვები:

International system, Regional security, Geostrategic challanges, National interests, Military cooperation


The following article aims to determine the importance of trilateral Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey strategic partnership, which includes not only Black Sea and Caspian Sea countries, but also bears a great significance in broader security context. The subject of this survey is to theoretically and practically explain historical necessity of commencing trilateral cooperation, caused by geostrategic challenges in the region and in the whole world, that particularly became more intense after Cold War and it has been going on for thirty years. In this survey it is presented how the trilateral cooperation began and the stages of development it went through to ultimately result in whole security complex and includes cooperation in transportation, energy and military issues

The main purpose of the survey is to show trilateral military cooperation, which is a major constituent part in large security theatre and is undoubtedly a regional security cornerstone.

The survey showed that in volatile international system, regional stability and long-term success, either in security or economic field is one of the most important challenges. This is why correctly selecting a political friend bears a huge significance, since today’s friend and ally can be on the opposing side tomorrow.

The survey clearly showed that the trilateral cooperation format is an exemplary template for cooperation not only inside the region, but beyond it. Cooperation is based on national interests of each country, with internal and external factors, that do not extradite with common international political architecture, any third party interests or regional and global institutions.