Advantage of Modern Educational Technologies in Personality Formation of Officers


  • Ramid Huseynov National Defence University, Military Institute named after Heydar Aliyev


საკვანძო სიტყვები:

Traditional training, Modern training, Personality education, Professional staff


The importance of personal development of young officers in increasing the professionalism of the army was explained in the report, and the role of modern military science was shown for this. Thus, the analysis of modern wars suggests that the states try to win more and lose less during the war. This fact in itself requires the modern technical equipment of the army to be equipped with professional officers. The presence of high-potential officer personnel ensures the power of the army, its flexibility, proper management and, as a result, reliable protection of the state’s military defence. The formation of modern professional officer cards, without a doubt, actualizes the level of organization of education in military educational institutions of the country. Development of the institutional foundations of the education system, expansion of the application of innovative training methods and technologies, and the creation of a competency-based personality and result-oriented education model have been set as a strategic goal. According to this principle, we can say that, as in all countries of the world at the present time, this issue stands as a priority target for the higher military educational institutions of Azerbaijan. The urgency of the problem requires its scientific-theoretical investigation, giving some suggestions and recommendations for future practical work. During the research, it is determined that, as in other higher educational institutions, training in military educational institutions is focused on the personality development of young officers, which will allow them to become professional, highly intelligent, self-confident, , and flexible decision-making officers in the future with independent management skills. In comparison with other higher education institutions, special sensitivity to the above-mentioned issue in higher military educational institutions makes it more necessary to train strong-willed, visionary, and right decision-making personnel for the reliable provision of the national security and military defence of the state in general, in contrast to the training of personnel in a certain field.