Research of the International Experience of Arrangement of Proving Grounds Passable Terrain for Wheeled and Tracked Military Vehicles

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Tamaz Natriashvili
Paata Dolidze
Roman Kenkishvili
Vakhtang Mamaladze


The article presents the project data of construction designs for an estimation of passability of wheeled and tracked military vehicles for checking the parameters that are accepted as obligatory within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). In particular, the constructions for determining the following parameters of passability are considered: ground clearance; angles of approach and departure; angle of climb; minimum turning radius; corridor width while turning with minimum radius; maximum angles of overcome gradients and side slope; maximum width of overcome vertical-sided ditch; maximum heights of overcome vertical wall and step; drawbar pull, speed and acceleration during mobility on the soft soil; and maximum depth of overcome water during fording.

The project data is selected from the data of proving grounds for wheeled and tracked military vehicles and the relevant documents of the USA and the Russian Federation so that they don’t come in a contradiction with publications of the NATO.

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Wheeled vehicle, Tracked vehicle, Passability, Parameters of passability, Proving ground
გამოქვეყნებული: Apr 25, 2022

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