Mini-Mobile Machine With Electric Control


  • Roman Kenkishvili Raphael Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics
  • Paata Dolidze Raphael Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics
  • Pridon Mshvildadze Raphael Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics
  • Mikheil Sharmiashvili Raphael Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics


საკვანძო სიტყვები:

Mobile machine, Two-wheel Tractor, Mini-tractor


The article discusses a mini-mobile machine of hybrid type designed in the Raphael Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics. Mini-mobile machine is an intermediate link between two-wheel tractor and mini-tractor. The machine uses an electric system of control, which enables smoothly starting and stopping of machine, its maneuverability with independent changing rotation frequency and rotation direction of wheels, machine movement in forward and backward direction and braking. The machine is controlled by an operator with electrical panel both remotely and as well as sitting on the machine, which frees the operator from doing the hard work. Placing the operator directly on the machine increases adhesion power, allowing the machine to perform heavy agricultural operations. The construction of the machine provides for its operation with one or two active axels and is designed to perform various agricultural works. The represented construction of mini-mobile machine by simple alteration enables to work with one or two axles, to change the location of aggregates and units placed in the machine, and to equip it by different hanging equipment and devices. Thus, it is possible to build up the mobile machine with cross-country capability of different kind and purpose. In addition, it must be noted that the hybrid type power installation with an internal combustion engine, generators and electric drives was used for the first time for mobile vehicles of small mechanization in agriculture.